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The first phase of the hackathon has been completed. THE PROTOTYPES ARE TESTED IN THE STADIUM WHEN WE CAN PLAY FOR OUR FANS AGAIN!

In a nutshell: That was the Hackathon

Deep Dive: all backgrounds and inside information

Die 11 Innovation Challenges

How can we make arrival and departure an experience for visitors?

For most viewers, watching football matches live is associated with a lot of emotions over the entire playing time. For many fans, the football experience starts with putting on the fan scarf and stepping out the front door and ends with coming home - arrival and departure are often associated with frustration and stress.

How can we identify new traffic routes and alternative modes of transport and enable stadium visitors to use them?

The subways and suburban trains are overcrowded, you are stuck in a traffic jam, as a cyclist it is dangerous and walking along a main road is no fun at all.

How can we use data to show optimization potential in the transport infrastructure?

Fans can arrive and depart with many different modes of transport. The means of transport have different capacities, serve different target groups and are used differently at different times. In addition, the use of external factors, such as depending on the weather.

How can we ensure that stadium visitors an easily arrive and depart with their hildren and that they feel safe?

Getting to a soccer game is particularly challenging for families. It is difficult to cover longer distances on foot, and the tightness and use of public transport are often scary for children.

How can we enable stadium visitors to plan their arrival and departure according to their needs?

Many paths lead to the VfB stadium: the self-organized bus, the special train, your own car, the e-scooter, ... But which combination is the cheapest, fastest, most convenient and most sustainable?

How can we make the last mile attractive?

The city of Stuttgart is faced with increased traffic. The so-called last mile, which prevents many people from useing their own cars, is particularly problematic. The last mile is also problematic for coaches: buses are best parked on the outskirts - but how do you get to the stadium from there?

How can we motivate fans to choose environmentally friendly modes of transport?

In Stuttgart, the fine dust limit values ​​have been observed for 2 years, but cars with combustion engines pollute the city climate. Nitrogen oxides are still a far-reaching problem. When visiting the stadium, despite obvious disadvantages (traffic jam, search for a parking space, etc.), many fans still use their own vehicles (a total of 7,000 - 10,000 pieces per game).

How can we ensure a safe visit to the stadium for everyone?

The stadium has a large social crowd of visitors. Rival fan groups, alcoholized and / or emotionalized visitors can become a security risk.

How can we make it easier for groups to travel together?

Visiting the stadium is a group experience. However, the arrival and departure often takes place individually and therefore leads to a critical volume of traffic.

How can we make it easier and safer for people with disabilities to get to their place?

Football brings society together. Even people with disabilities want to be able to participate in the live experience without restrictions. At the moment this is not easily possible for everyone.

How can we enable non-local fan groups to get directly from their location to the stadium?

There are numerous VfB fan strongholds outside of Stuttgart. They often travel individually and not together. In addition, their routes are not optimized, i.e. they often have to change modes of transport or change trains.

Mobility needs you
your ideas, your know-how, your passion

Bring in your skills for the City of Stuttgart and the Mercedes-Benz Arena. As a home of 60,000 fans, the challenges are manifold. We want your ideas and solutions for a better transportation, unforgettable visits and great emotions in our legendary stadium. Blow us away!

Know-how & networking

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Within two intense days, you get to know people with the same mindset, network with the specialists of our mobility partners and engage with our VfB experts. Be inspired by experienced mentors and discover the influence of sport on a new form of hackathon.


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The ideas will be evaluated by a prestigious jury and may be tested as a prototype at the VfB home game on the 30th matchday of Bundesliga.

All players welcome

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You don't have to be a VfB supporter to join our event. You don't even have to be a soccer fan. Without beeing biased, you might even bring in the ideas that no one else comes up with. Or maybe you’re familiar with the soul of our fans and know where to start? It doesn’t matter! What we want is your passion and the desire to tackle a lighthouse project for sports facilities from a „mobility" point of view.

Mercedes-Benz Arena Foto 1
Mercedes-Benz Arena Foto 1

The Mercedes-Benz Arena as an innovation lab.

Our arena is the centre of our challenges. That's why we work in the heart of our innovation lab. You’ll find a workshop space with a view on the court, valuable insights and the scope for great ideas.

Mercedes-Benz Arena Foto 1

Mobility innovation meets Bundesliga

In order to validate your ideas and make them visible, there will be the first challenge during the 30th Bundesliga match day in April 2020. Are you in?

Why How What


Challenge of a
mega City

A home game is a celebration of emotions. With an average number of 54,557 visitors (season 18/19) and thousands of cars, there are a lot of mobility challenges on arrival and departure as well as on location itself. The arena thus offers the ideal environment and serves as a trend-setting laboratory for developing ideas with international appeal.

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We want to get you in the game!

Everyone is welcome - with or without experience in soccer. We want you! Your ideas, your passion, your craziness, your innovation. Whether developer, designer, analyst, student, founder, trainee, junior or senior - we are looking forward to every participant who is motivated to design and move something.

You can find the FAQs here and you’re only one step away from:

Mercedes-Benz Arena

More than just soccer:
mission mega city

As a stadium integrated into the city, the Mercedes-Benz Arena is comparable to many other venues in England and Spain. The situation on home match days offers challenges that mega cities face every day. The Arena is therefore a highly exciting ‚'innovation lab'' for testing solutions for mega cities.

Our mission: With the Hackathon we offer a playing field on which experienced partners, innovative start-ups and passionate developers uncover the potential rooted in the region of Stuttgart to jointly develop global solutions.

Become a partner


Host and trainer team

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The hackathon will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 5 and 6, 2020.

The location is a unique workshop space in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart with court view.

Who can join? You don't have to be a soccer fan to join. We are looking for people who are willing to face a challenge. Developer, designer, student, pupil, junior, senior - it doesn't matter, as long as you want to tackle the topic of mobility with us.

A team consists of 3 team members, a corporate expert and an VfB expert. That makes it 5!

Each team can choose one of ten exciting innovation challenges around the topic of mobility. On Thursday, you will deal with the challenges of the customer segment and work together on a solution approach. On Friday morning you will have the chance to prove your solution to your first customers. The afternoon and evening will be dedicated to the pitch - of course with pitch support.

Except your own notebook and a lot of motivation: nothing! Drinks and plenty of food are provided by us.

We are open-minded about great ideas and a promising cooperation. Along with the corporates, VfB Stuttgart will continue to assist the respective teams, as we do not want to lose sight of our goal: The MVPs will be deployed as part of the 30th Bundesliga match day. A job is either guaranteed at one of our corporates or optionally in the STEYG Start-Up Hub.

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